Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The "Save $1000 in 30 Days" Challenge

So I'm participating in this. Here's how I'm doing so far:

Tip #1: Pack lunches for the rest of the week.

I blew it two days ago (yes, Monday, two days after the tip was given)....BUT. I pack lunches nearly every day, and the reason I went out with co-workers yesterday was threefold: one of my BFF's in the office has been out for three weeks doing site walks and he was FINALLY back, and we got a new engineer Monday and he came out to eat with us, AND it was one of the regular lunchers' birthday. Since I only eat lunch out twice or three times a month at most, I decided that it was ok. I just won't do it anymore this month. :)

Tip #2: Turn your thermostat down 3 degrees.

Done. It's now on 66 instead of 71 (I went a little overboard the first night, and found it wasn't that bad and left it there).

Tip #3: Sell something on Ebay.

Listed a chest of drawers and a stand mixer on Craigslist yesterday. So far, no takers, but may list other stuff tomorrow.

Tip #4: Involve your friends.

I'm telling everyone I know that I'm doing this, and they can all check my progress here. I'm trying to get hubby to do it too. :) (He's already much more frugal than I am, so he's already off to a great start!).

Those are all the tips so far. More updates to come!