Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Last Two Weeks

Monday, the 20th: plumber visits, discovers that the reason for the puddle of water in the corner of our tub is a VERY SLOW LEAK...which means that EVERYTHING between the drip (at the handle for turning on water) and the corner of the shower is wet behind the wall. Now we have mildew and a hole in our bathroom wall, which requires that the bathroom door be kept shut because otherwise the cats REALLY NEED to be IN the hole, and that's just not okay with me. Which also means the bathroom is usually FREEZING in the middle of the night when I have to pee, or first thing in the morning when I get up. Also there was a bug in there this morning. It looked evil.

Thursday, the 23rd: I arrive home at 2 am after leaving at 5:30 am to cram some more for my 8:05 am test and working (from after class at 11:30 am) until 1:30 am to discover my bedroom window shattered, glass all over my floor, my cat missing, and me not knowing if burglars were still in house. I hightailed it out to my car and called 911. Long story short: friends came over, police arrived, no one in house, laptop (four-year-old, not very good laptop) stolen, friends waited with me till hubby got there. Cat was just hiding (understandably!) .We had to clean up the broken glass/board the window that night because it was the FIRST rainy, cold night of the season. Asshat burglars. I'm STILL mad.

Monday the 27th: We get alarm system that evening, but they weren't able to fully install, EVEN after staying until 1:30 AM.

Tuesday the 28th: I wake up feeling like hell. Stay home from work, alarm guy comes and finishes. Have cool new keyfobs for alarm. But HAVE to go to a lecture that night because desperately need the extra credit.

Wednesday the 29th: Alarm goes off at 9:45 am. Monitoring people call, I freak, they call cops, I call a friend to go look and I get home in a record 10 minutes. Nothing. False alarm. Doors set it off and they are all still shut. I'm pissed, go back to work. 5:30 pm, alarm goes off again. I tell them not to call police. Another friend goes and checks it out--nothing wrong. I'm still feeling shitty, feeling ragged out from two adrenaline rushes in the same day, and am still RIDICULOUSLY stressed about work. NOT A GOOD DAY. On the way home at 6:15, it goes off AGAIN. I tell them not to call cops again, because I'm only 5 minutes away. Get home, nothing. Sigh very loudly, call alarm people. They tell me they'll be out the next day at 11:30 am (which means I have to come home after class, but I sometimes do anyway, so that's ok).

Thursday (today) the 30th: go home after class, wait till 12, no one shows up. Call them and haul ASS back to work because guess what? I STILL have that huge project to do! I think something must be wrong though, I am worried about the alarm guy. He's been very prompt and/or calls ahead up till now, so I hope it's not anything serious but am afraid it might be. Am planning on having someone fix it tonight hopefully. :(

And I'm supposed to be cleaning/unpacking/organizing the house and getting stuff ready for the Halloween party we're having on Saturday. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiight. The house looks worse now than it did on Monday.

Side note: I got all engineer on burglar's asses and have been researching security products. Now I now want this and this. Plus I think one of my friends is giving me the dummy security cameras that came free with his real ones. HAHAHAHA that strikes me as really funny for some reason.

Bring it on, burglars. Also I thought about staking out the house (pretending to leave and leaving a tempting fake laptop lying in front of the window) but I don't think the police would be willing to expend that much time and effort. :(