Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I am so DONE

I've been done for one (1) week. :) I'm so happy! I've been playing Foo Fighters nonstop loudly in my car (you know, "DONE, DONE, ON TO THE NEXT ONE, DONE, DONE AND I'M ON TO THE NEXT ONE....")

However, I started feeling sick Monday. Go figure--it's probably because I kept telling myself all October and November that I couldn't get sick, repeating it over and over in my head. Then when I was done I stopped, so I got sick. Haha. It's just a cold though, thank heavens.

ANYWAY. Now onto the list of fun stuff to do with my free time now:

Reading (been reading almost every day now! Yay!)
Cooking (cooked last night even though I felt crappy)
Crocheting (have to find all my crocheting supplies, which will happen AFTER we finish dealing with the mold issues in our house).
Decorating (frugally, but still want to decorate the house. It feels very impersonal now, and we finally know what colors we want to paint stuff).
Drawing (I'd like to teach myself how to draw)
Painting (same)
CLEANING (yes I count this as fun because I HATE having a messy house)

And that's just the beginning. Watch out world!