Wednesday, February 25, 2009


My job is killing me.

Short version: everyone thought it would be a good idea if EVERYONE put in extra hours every week. (So we could bid more jobs at a slightly cheaper price, procuring more work and earning more money but paying everyone the same)....but then our sales people thought it would be a good idea to make promises that may or may not be possible to keep, and my team's "extra hours" have doubled/tripled depending on which person you are on our team. I am severely lacking in sleep and homework time (and time to cook, clean, do laundry, fix my car, wash my car, etc). So I've been spending more money on food since I have no time to make any, I'm never home, my house needs cleaning, I have no clothes to wear (except that wonderful hubby did enough laundry to get me through this week), my test grade suffered, I'm tired all the time, and still I get bitched at because it's never enough. I want to move to Europe sometimes. Fuck capitalism.

It's been so bad I broke out the Alanis Morissette CD and have been scream-singing at every opportunity. I am ANGRY.

However, there is an autocross this weekend, and I cannot WAIT. Sweet stress relief, here I come. My car is getting new spark plugs and some other 60k stuff on Saturday, so it will be feeling wonderful come Sunday morning. I haven't decided if I'll blast Foo Fighters (the usual autocross music) or Alanis on Sunday....hahahahaha.