Monday, November 17, 2008

I'm back! Finally!

I was really sick most of last week and spent lots of time in my bed.

Anyway, on to the newest tips and what I've done (or not) about them, and updates:

Tip #7: Have a "No-Spend" day once a week.

I have decided Wednesdays will be my "no-spend" days...and as an added bonus, being sick all week meant I didn't spend much money or use much gas! So I got a jump-start on this one.

Tip #8: Get rid of monthly subscriptions and go "a la carte" for a month.

Unfortunately, the only monthly subscriptions I have are necessary: cell phone (I have no land line, and I already pared down my cell phone service. And husband and I are going to cancel our individual plans and get together on a plan soon, which will save even more), power bill, water bill. I have no cable, no internet, no magazines, etc.

Tip #9: Only buy something new when replacing something old.

I bought brown leggings this weekend (I know, I know, I wasn't supposed to buy any clothes for a year...but they were on sale for $12.51, and by buying them I have made a summer dress winter-wearable). My mom also got me a sweater. So tonight I will go home and get rid of two things from my closet/drawers. I'm thinking of one sweater that isn't very flattering, and either a pair of pants or a skirt that I don't wear/fit into.

Tip #10: Use rewards from your credit card, job, memberships, etc to get discounts.

I will have to see if any of my credit cards or memberships give me discounts on something I would buy anyway. If so, yay! Money saved! If not, I just won't spend the money. But with Christmas coming up, hopefully I'll get discounts on presents I have to buy. :)

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